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  • Where OCF is Located.

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    Located at the centre of Manitoulin Island (Mnidoo Mnising). Ojibwe Cultural Foundation is only a five hour drive from Canada’s largest city, Toronto and a seven hour drive from the nation’s capital, Ottawa. That’s close to have many visitors come in from those areas and we do get lots of visitors from southern Ontario. Please come take a quick trip to the OCF for some cultural enlightenment.

Mission Statement
The Ojibwe Cultural Foundation was created to preserve and revitalize the language, culture, arts,
spirituality and traditions of the Anishinaabek. We dedicate ourselves to
nurturing the expression of Anishinaabek culture in all forms, so our art, language, stories, songs and
teachings flourish now and remain strong for future generations.flowerborder


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    Gchi piitendaagwat maanda Anishinaabemowin miinwaa Anishinaabe aadziwin. Mii Maanpii Ojibwe Cultural Foundation enkiitmoowad.

    Pane Anishinaabek je ne Anishinaabemwaapaa. Miinwaa je gkendmowaapaa Anishinaabe aadziwin. Be biindegek wii daakendmek en kaamgak maanpii OCF

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    What’s Happening at our Gallery in 2016


    Barry Ace, Micheal Belmore, Duncan Pheasant, Darlene Naponse & so much more!



 The Six Partnering First Nations Communities


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The OCF is owned by six First Nations located on and off Manitoulin Island in partnership with UCCMM. The six First Nations are: 1. Aundek Omni Kaning, 2. M’Chigeeng, 3. Sheguiandah, 4. Sheshegwaning, 5. Whitefish River, and 6. Zhiibaahaasing.

You're the missing link to the Seven Grandfather Teachings.

You’re the connection to the Seven Grandfather Teachings. Connecting you with the past, the future and with yourself in the present. Photo Credit: Jordon Panamick